My passion at StrongMamma is to work with those real-world women who invest much of their time and energy in others, have given birth (ever), are symptomatic, and disconnected from their bodies. They may feel unsupported, unsure, and just want to feel better in themselves. I give them time and support to understand that they can reconnect with themselves, and empower them with the confidence that comes from having knowledge of their body so that they have a game plan to look after themselves better than ever and the capacity to do whatever they want.

From pregnancy fitness through to post natal recovery and pelvic-floor-friendly strength training, all the way through to the returning athlete and the peri to post menopause years.

I started Strong Mamma after the birth of my second child having experienced pelvic floor concerns, and felt that there must be a better way to help women than the advice I was given at the time. Having been on that journey, I started Strong Mamma to share my knowledge and help others take back control of their bodies after the massive changes that occur throughout a woman’s lifetime, whether it be pregnancy, birth, menopause or anything else!



I started out on what seems a very long journey when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had just run the London Marathon and wanted to continue training into pregnancy. The running was the first thing off the agenda as the weight of the bump pressed heavily on my bladder! I continued weight training and going to my local aqua aerobics class (with little else on offer) right up until the day before I gave birth- much to the anxiety of all in the aqua class who were convinced I was about to go in to labour at any minute! I couldn’t find anyone who could ‘train’ me as a pregnant woman and the only advice I could find was “you’ll be ok if you were already doing it”. Applying this advice to my second pregnancy by which time I was in love with Crossfit and throwing heavy weights around, I happily continued pushing myself through the daily WODs (Workouts of the Day) and just scaling the weight down where necessary, without giving a thought to my poor pelvic floor or core!

Planning ahead for recovery ‘round 2’, I booked myself in to see a Holistic Core Restore® coach that specialised in getting people back from baby to Crossfit- this was a very exciting find for me and I thought it would all go to plan and I'd be back doing what I loved before I knew it. After my son’s arrival I knew something ‘down there’ didn’t feel right (and felt worse than the first time round when I was told I just had ‘weak vaginal walls’ by my GP and to get on with it) and I took myself off to a Womens Health Physio (bypassing the doctors) on the advice of HCR Coach for what seemed like yet another person to have a look at my vagina! I was diagnosed with a prolapse (cystocele) and cried like a baby for weeks thinking that a) it would always feel like my insides were falling out b) I would never be able to lift weights again and c) if things were ‘falling out’ would anything be able to go ‘in’ again?!

Fast forward 3 years of what has seemed at times as the slowest recovery from childbirth ever, and things are looking much better! For me a diagnosis of POP was an absolute game changer and I really want other women to know that whatever their diagnosis may be, there is ALWAYS hope and there is ALWAYS a way forward. This whole experience starting over 6 years ago has now got me to this point- where I just knew there had to a better option for women who wanted to take control back of their bodies, to be as STRONG a woman as they had the potential to be…

Women of ALL ages and stages of life have their own challenges and needs that are not met anywhere else, hence why my youngest client is 19 and my eldest is 73! StrongMamma can tailor a programme to get you on the road to where you want to be.



TrainFitness Level 3 Personal Training

Holistic Core Restore Coach (Burrell Education)

Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations

The Female Athlete (Antony Lo)


POP UP: An Uplifting Guide


SNATCH: A Female-Inclusive Approach to Kettlebell Training

Bulletproof your Body Series

StrongFirst Weightlifting Course

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course

Strong First SFG1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification

The 3rd Age (Burrell Education)

Body Massage VTEC

Diploma in Maternity Massage

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage 

C-Section, Hysterectomy & Abdominal Scar Immersion

Kineseotaping in Pregnancy & Post Birth


I have delivered workshops to various organisations and groups including local fitness professionals, NCT Bumps & Babes, Crossfit Wycombe, Crossfit Reading and Fitology Hub.