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 I am really proud to be a Holistic Core Restore® Coach and offer a range of programmes for women at any age or life stage.

Holistic Core Restore® is the evolution of Pelvic Floor and Core Restoration Exercise fit for real women, living real lives, using a unique, simple, effective & ‘movement-based’ methodology that extends the continuum of traditional Pelvic Floor exercise way beyond Kegels (the traditional exercises that most women are taught) to ensure that your Pelvic Floor and Core is fit to do its job when you need it most! Let’s put an end to the ‘leaky accidents’, back pain and disconnected tummies for women at any age or lifestage. You have a choice, all is not lost, let us help you TAKE BACK CONTROL! If you’d like to know more about the science behind it all, please click here

I offer four different Holistic Core Restore® programmes:



A six week course suitable for all women who want to strengthen their core and pelvic floor.



For women who’ve had a c-section and need to reconnect to their core and understand their scar.



For women who’ve ever had a baby and need to heal a diastasis/tummy gap.



A supportive programme for a return to a full and and active life after hysterectomy/POP.